Monday, February 6, 2012

Kindergarten Snowflakes

Kindergarten artists read the book "Snowflake Bentley". We learned about the life of photographer Wilson Bentley. According to his website ( many of us can remember hearing the phrase "no two snowflakes are alike". This discovery was made in the small rural town of Jericho, Vermont by Wilson A. Bentley (1865-1931).
A self educated farmer, Bentley attracted world attention with his pioneering work in the area of photomicrography, most notably his extensive work with snow crystals (commonly known as snowflakes). By adapting a microscope to a bellows camera, and years of trial and error, he became the first person to photograph a single snow crystal in 1885.

Kindergartners learned to fold square paper twice to make a small triangle. We drew small, simple shapes on our triangles and cut these shapes out. We then carefully unfolded our creations to see what we made!
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