Monday, February 6, 2012

4th Grade Relief Scupltures

Fourth Grade artists looked at the artwork of renowned sculptor Louise Nevelson. Nevelson was a Russian immigrant. Her father was a wood worker and because of this Louise began using his scrap wood to build assemblages out of these found objects. Her sculptures typically featured hand-built wooden boxes filled abstractly with pieces of wood. Her sculptures were also painted one color, usually a neutral color. She did this because her artwork was about shapes (2-D) and forms (3-D)--it was not about color. 4th graders built a box out of scrap mat board. We used scrap wood and found objects sent over from the middle schools to build our abstract sculptures. Mr. K spray painted all 80-something boxes black and students were able to choose one metallic paint to give their work just a touch of color using sponge brushes. Every 4th grader has a sculpture hanging outside the art room creating one large relief sculpture.
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