Thursday, November 13, 2014

2nd grade OPEF lego project

In coordination with Oak Park Education Foundation, students in second grade art reviewed what they had learned in their home rooms: types of communities-urban, suburban and rural. We discussed what the similarities and differences are between the three communities in terms of population, housing and land use. Students worked in groups of two or three and chose to build a a building from either urban, suburban or a rural area. Afterwards, we photographed all of the projects, because they were going back into lego buckets and took colored photographs and created a gain lego city, lego suburb and rural lego ville by drawing roads, trees and cars in our communities.

5th grade relief sculptures

Fifth grade artists looked at and learned about relief sculptures. They are more than two-dimensional and not quite three-dimensional. Students dubbed them "2.5-D". We created ours out clay coils. Our designs feature asymmetry, analaguous colors. We added our analaguous (neighbors on the color wheel) colors with crayon and painted over everything, in a resist technique, with watery blank tempera paint.

Kinder Dia de Los Muertos

First grade printmaking