Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3rd grade value and form drawings

3rd graders studied the difference between two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects in art. Together we drew three forms-- a cube, a sphere and a cylinder. We then discussed how light affects and changes the way things look. We imagine the sun was shining in the top fit corner of our drawing and after completing a value scale in pencil, we shaded our forms. The last part was the background. Using only one marker, we created an abstract design that was 50/50 white/color of our choice.

Illuminated Letters

Third graders studied Ireland's Book of Kells. We learned that reading is something that most people didn't know how to do. We also discussed the process of making a book from the parchmenter, the scribe to the illuminator. Our illuminated letters feature the first letter of our first name and the designs around the letter tell the viewer about the things we like. We made this with metallic markers, trying to replicate the glowing gold leaf in the real illuminated letters.