Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kindergarten Paper Sculptures

Kindergarten artists learned about sculpture! We compared a drawing and a sculpture. "What's the difference between these two artworks?" We noticed that the painting is flat and the sculpture is not. We can turn the sculpture around and look at it from many different angles. The painting, however, is not meant to seen from the back. We then reviewed all the different types of lines--horizontal, vertical, diagonal, wavy, zig-zag and spiral. We then created sculptures of all those lines using primary-colored construction paper.
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4th and 5th grade Specials Night

 Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in Specials Night. We had a great turn out! Each 4th and 5th grader had two pieces of artwork on display. 4th graders created clay slab mugs, and landscape paintings. 5th graders studied glass blowing and Dale Chihiluy and created 'glass' bowls. 5th graders also studied surrealism and had a collage project that Spanish class helped with.
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