Tuesday, September 30, 2014

3rd grade Haring Art

Third graders learned about the life and art of Keith Haring. Haring became famous after drawing in the New York subways. His art features simple, stylized figures that are often in motion. He suggests movement by using action lines. His figures feature bold outlines. After discussing human proportions, we drew a simple figure in an action pose of our choice. We collaged our artwork. The only drawing is in the background, where we created designs using only line.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kindergarten Abstract Art

Kindergarteners learned about the artwork of Piet Mondrian. We looked at his paintings. We found lines, both horizontal and vertical. We found shapes and colors too. We talked about abstract Art as being artwork that isn't a painting of a tree, or anything recognizable. It's art about feelings and it makes people think about what they artist was thinking. We collaged black construction paper lines, reviewing horizontal and vertical lines. We tried to make shapes with our lines. The next art class we discussed texture. How something feels, or looks like it feels, is texture. We used oil pastels and rubbing plates to give our art texture. Lastly, we painted over  the pastels in watercolors, remembering, mostly, to was our brushes before changing colors.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Radial name designs

5th grade artist studied radial balance and radial symmetry. We looked at nature to find examples in things like flowers, starfish and eyes. We found radial symmetry and balance and human-made objects like wheels and fans. We also looked at the rose window in Notre Dame and Tibetan monks' sand mandalas as inspiration for our radial artwork. We used our names, reflected and rotated radially around a center axis, to create an abstract radial design. Upon completion, we wrote an artist statement about our work, addressing common core standards for literacy, explaining the process of creating our art, explaining our choice of lettering styles and colors and then reflecting on successes and areas for improvement in our work. The results are pretty cool!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

First grade Name-ish Art


Third grade abstract names

Third grade artists reviewed the difference between line and shape. We learned about composition as the arrangement of objects within a frame. As visual artists there area many ways to arrange a drawing's composition. We came up with there different compositions using overlapping letters in our names. We then chose the strongest composition and enlarged it unto black paper. After learning about warm and cool colors, we picked either warm or cool colors and blended them together to create our abstract compositions.