About Mr. K

I love spending time with my wife and three children--and under the age of 4. I am a teaching artist and enjoy photography, murals and drawing. I work professionally as a photographer shooting sports, portraits and weddings for several different studios. I have a BA in Art and Design with a concentration in Illustration from Columbia College Chicago. I received my Masters Degree in Art Education from Northern Illinois University. I have been an Art teacher since 2006  My two year old says that Daddy goes to work and plays crayons, and he's right! And I can't think of a better job!
Students frequently ask me to share my artwork with them. So here are some photos from some recent projects.

I painted these baggo boards and they were auctioned off at a fundraiser at my previous school.
This is a United Nations mural completed in 08/10.

One of my favorite mediums--pen & ink.

Here's a tribute to two fallen soldiers. It hangs in the gym of these soldiers high school.

Traveling in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, I was fortunate enough to see the Northern Lights AND to have my camera out with me.