Friday, February 17, 2012

Design an Ad

All 5th graders attended a presentation given by Marc Stopeck of the Wednesday Journal as a kick off to our next project. Stopeck is a writer and cartoonist for the journal.  "Design an Ad" is an annual contest that the journal puts on where students design an ad from participating local businesses. There are about ten schools in the area involved in the contest and also about ten businesses. The businesses will each choose a student winner who designed the most effective ad and these student ads will run in the newspaper on 3/21.  The presentation was fun as the 5th graders, as a group, chose a local business and then with the help of Mr. Stopeck, created an effective advertisement.

The steps we learned to create an advertisement, and the steps students need to use for their ad are:
1) What problem does your business solve? (hunger, back pain, transportation, etc).
2) Create a short and sweet headline that addresses the problem
3) Create a simple illustration/drawing that supports your headline
4) Finally be sure to include name, phone number and address of business

All 5th graders are designing an ad as an assignment. Ads most be in black and white only. Class time will be given. All ads are due to Mr. K  by 2/29. Good luck!!