Art Room Wish List

 Art Room Wish List :
We have so many wonderful materials in the art room already, BUT you can help us by saving these items listed below.  If they are recycled items please be sure to WASH them before bringing them to the art room!!  We do not want any unwelcome animal visitors in the classroom ;-)
We welcome any donations of materials to make our art program even better!

Recycled materials:
- Egg Cartons for paint storage
- Plastic bottles

- Yogurt cups...especially those with lids!
- Containers with lids (plastic or glass
-Irons for Batik and other processes
-Hair Dyers for speeding art drying time
-Blenders for papermaking
- Old magazines (kid friendly of course)
- Netting, screen or fabric you may have leftover
- House paint in any color

- Wood scraps
-Old Towels
Helpful items for students and germs:
- Clorox wipes
- Hand sanitizer
- Kleenex

Please just shoot me an e-mail if you think you may have something we could use and I will let you know if we can!

Thank you very much!!!