Monday, September 23, 2013

3rd grade scribbles

Third grade artists read the book "The Dot." It's a story about a girl who thinks she can't draw but is presently surprised when she tries and succeeds. It's a story that suggests that effort is the most important aspect in learning something new. We began our art project by "scribbling" a lines that filled our paper. Our line had to be loopy and created about a dozen shapes as it overlapped itself. Within it shape we used thin drawing markers to fill each shape with pattern. We looked at the artwork of Brazilian artist Romero Britto whose pop art features thick black outlines and many colorful patterns.

First grade name patterns

First graders reviewed different types of lines we learned about last year in kindergarten. We looked at artists who repeat lies and colors in their art to create pattern. Using our names as a focal point, we began by drawing our names largely in the center of our paper. Using markers we added glowing lines around our names. Then using rulers to help us draw straight lines, we divided our background into about eight spaces and filled those spaces with patterns created from lines and colors.