Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4th Grade Shoes

4th grade artists looked at the shoes in prints and paintings created by Andy Warhol and at the many boots Vincent VanGogh painted. We talked about how artists draw still lives to get better at seeing and then in turn, get better at drawing. We actually took off one shoe, placed it in front us and drew from observation. Some students drew the bottom of their shoe as well. Our backgrounds were kept simple but interesting by adding leading lines that pointed at our shoes. We outlined in sharpie and used colored pencils to create value by shading from light to dark to make our shoes look 3-D.
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Happy Holidays!

Holmes artists learned about two-dimensional (2-D)and three-dimensional (3-D) objects. We discussed that 2-D shapes (like a circle) are flat because they have only two dimensions: height and width. 3-D forms (like a sphere) however, have three dimensions: height, width and depth which makes them appear to pop out at us. We drew snowmen and snowwomen using shapes but then discussed how to use a light source in our drawings to create highlights, shadows and cast shadows on the spherical forms of our snow people. This was a really fun project enabled grades 1-5 to create 3-D looking snow people. Students customized the snow folks too. They can be found snowboarding, ice skating, skiing and just chillin'.
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