Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Specials Night, Kindergarten

These abstract paintings were created by kindergarten artist using liquid watercolors in the primary colors-red, yellow, and blue. Each square is a mini-painting where students explored and reviewed the primary colors and how to mix them together to create the secondary colors. The watercolor paper we used had masking tape on it, dividing it into sections. We used a watercolor technique called "wet on wet", where we first painted a small section of our paper with water, then added a drop of one primary color. Quickly we added a drop of a different primary color, right next to the first. Because the paper is still wet, the two colors simultaneously combined to make a secondary color.
After the paint dried and the tape was removed, we learned about pattern. We used sharpie markers to create patterns where the masking tape used to be.
Lastly, en la clase de Espanol, students talked about their artwork and wrote down, in Spanish, how they created their secondary colors.

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