Monday, February 11, 2013

100 Days/100 Years

 Kindergarten artists were celebrating the 100th day of school in their homerooms. In honor of the 100th day of school we created self-portraits. But, our self-portrait collages feature us when we are 100 years old.  Before we began we talked about texture. What is texture? Texture is how something feels. We looked at lots of photographs--pictures of leaves, rocks, feathers, mud and named the textures these items have.  Then, what better way to learn about texture than to create old people? :)
Our self-portrait collages have three textures. Our shirts have a bumpy texture from the paper crimper. We took the paper we used for our faces and crumpled it into a ball and then uncrumpled it, so they are wrinkly. And finally, our hair has texture created from cotton balls. The results are rather funny!
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