Thursday, November 15, 2012

First Grade Still lives

First Grade artists looked at the still life paintings of Paul Cezanne. We talked about why artists draw still lives--to practice. And we discussed how artists draw still lives--by looking, observing and finding simple shapes. Each table had an old soup can full of eight different art supplies--brushes, pencils, markers, etc. We then observed. Which object is tallest, shortest, widest, narrowest? What shapes can we find in the pencil? We talked about overlapping. We used lots triangles, rectangles and ovals to draw these.
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  1. I absolutely love this tin can still life lesson. I may have to borrow it! Thanks for posting!

  2. These are amazing. Love that you included the "conversation" that went with the work. Thanks for sharing.

  3. thank u, i knew lower grades could do awesome art, but with assessment and tick boxes and accountant type 'plans' and meetings and meetings... i had no time to be bored and think, let alone think creatively, so thanks again