Monday, April 30, 2012

2nd grade 3-D Cities

 2nd grade artists looked at Edward Hopper. His most famous painting is Nighthawks where several lonely figures sit in an illuminated diner. Hopper was an American Realist painter; he painted what he saw. His paintings have been described as things you would see if you were driving through a new town. He was fascinated with light and shadow. We tried to capture light and shadow in our city paintings. We used warm colors in the sky and cool colors for our buildings. Our buildings are lit up on one side and painted with a tint of a cool color (light blue, light purple). The shadow side is a bit darker. We began our cities buildings by drawing a simple arrow that pointed up and creatively turned these arrows into what you see here.
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  1. Great projects Mr. K! Do you create all of your projects or do you get ideas from other art teachers and/or art related resources? I am a first year art teacher and sometimes I find myself over thinking project ideas. I feel as if I need to jam pack them with content but then I realize I need to take one element or principle at a time or combine a few. Your projects are inspiring!