Friday, February 24, 2012

Modern Mondrian

Pieter Cornelis "Piet" Mondrian (March 7, 1872 – February 1, 1944) was a Dutch Painter. Mondrian’s abstract paintings feature geometric shapes—like rectangles and squares. They also show case horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. His artwork typically featured only primary colors—red, yellow and blue. Mondrian was part of an art movement known as “de Stijl” (Dutch for “The Style”) which influenced architecture and building design in the 1920’s and 1930’s.
Kindergarten and First grade artists used rulers to draw nice, straight lines. We noticed as the lines intersected they created shapes. After we filled our paper with lines and shapes, we used the primary colors plus black and white to color the shapes. The fun part was at the end...We dipped cardboard into black tempera paint we printed black lines where we had drawn lines with our rulers.
This was another new project and the results are cool! I think it's interesting how every student received the same directions, but each student produced a unique piece of art!
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