Wednesday, January 18, 2012

5th Grade Focal Point Drawings

Fifth graders looked at movie posters in art class. We talked about how movie posters are created by artists and how these artworks are alittle bit like books. Most books have one main character and secondary characters that support the main character. Movie posters are the same! They usually have one part of drawing that pops out first. We call this the focal point. To make a focal point pop out artist use three things: leading lines, size and contrast.
The requirements for our drawings were the same: a clear focal point with leading lines guiding our eyes to that focal point. We learned how to create depth in our drawings by overlapping. We included patterns. And we used lots of contrast (dark next to light) in and around our focal point to make in really stand out. The main difference between our drawings and movie posters is that our drawings are abstract. As we shaded these drawings using ebony pencils we made sure that our drawings had equal amounts of black, white and gray.
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